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Friends, my name is Daniel.
I have already broken the seal of two girls. My penis is quite big. It also tears the pussy of the fucker.

This is my Escorts Athens GF Hot story with my girlfriend Lolita.
Lolita always refused to have sex or to come to my room.

His complexion is fair, height is 5 feet. Her boobs were 32 in size and her waist was 28, but now the size has increased. Her ass was very nice.
Seeing her, the boys started caressing her.

After much persuasion by me, she came to my room 2 days before my birthday for my happiness.
But she had set the condition that she would neither have sex nor do much romance.

We both went to our common friend’s room.

I had already taken the sex power pill.

I made her sit and kissed her on the forehead.
She also put her hands behind me and hugged me.

We both kept kissing casually, kissing and caressing each other.
Then I removed her top.
Escorts Athens started refusing.

I had forced her so emotionally that she removed her top.
We both started romancing.

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I also removed all my clothes.
She didn’t let me remove my underwear.

I took out her inner.
She was very shy.

Then when I was pressing her breasts over her bra, she started feeling intoxicated.
She was making sounds of ‘ah…see ce…’.

I also removed her bra and started sucking her breasts.
She started making very sensual sounds.

I turned both her boobs red by sucking them one by one.

Then I made her lie down and started pressing and drinking her breasts vigorously.
She started pressing me on her breasts. She held her nipple with two fingers of her hand and started sucking it from my lips.
It was a lot of fun.

Then I kissed her navel and she let out a sigh and closing her eyes she started moaning loudly.

I slowly started opening the button of her jeans with one hand.
She held my hand and started refusing – don’t open this.
I convinced her that I would just look at the panty.

Then I opened the button of her jeans pulled her jeans up to her thighs and started kissing.
When she started getting restless, I secretly removed her entire jeans from her legs.

She started getting angry.

I started kissing her.
Kissed her legs from top to bottom.

The intoxication of sex had started taking over her but she was not saying yes nor was she stopping me.

Now I made her lie upside down and while kissing her back, I reached down to her ass.

I started removing her panties.
She didn’t say anything so I pulled down her panty with one stroke.

She suddenly turned around and I could see her pussy.
Ah… it was a very fair and clean shaved pussy.

She always kept her pussy clean; He liked to live cleanly.
She started getting angry again and did not agree to have sex with me.

She pushed me away and put on her panties again.
I persuaded her and said- Okay, lie down straight.

She became silent.
I made her lie straight and she came into a missionary position by putting both her legs around my waist.

I climbed on top of her and started romancing her.

Because of this pose, her pussy moved upwards and started rubbing against my penis.

I rubbed my penis on her pussy in such a way that her panty got pulled to one side.

She started feeling good from the heat of the penis and without thinking anything, she raised her ass and started rubbing her pussy with the penis.

At the same time, my hand went to her pussy hole.
When I tried it with my finger, I understood.
A waterfall was flowing from her pussy, it was completely wet.

Without wasting any time, I pulled down my underwear a little and placed my penis on the pussy hole.

At the same time, she raised her ass.
I placed my mouth on her mouth and inserted my penis a little inside her pussy.

He couldn’t even figure out what happened.
When the thickness of the penis pierced her pussy, she started screaming.
Whereas just now the head of the penis had entered her pussy.

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She started shouting – Leave me ah ah mummy it is hurting a lot… please take it out.
But I did not listen to him.

She started trying hard to separate me.

Then I gave another light push.
Now half of my penis had entered the Escorts Athens GF’s pussy.

She was in agony due to this sudden attack, ‘Ahh… Ahh… Mummy is dead, please leave me…’
I abused her – you bitch, take my cock and cum…bitch!

‘Ah, leave it…’ She was suffering a lot of pain.

I kept kissing her.
He also started feeling a little better.
Its seal was broken.

I slowly gave another push and inserted the entire penis into her pussy.

This time she screamed very loudly – Ooh aah… Mummy I am dead… please leave me… aah aah!

She dug her nails into my back and made deep marks.

I slowly started moving my penis in and out.
Now he too was feeling a little better.

I started fucking her at speed.

She was making sounds like ‘Ahh… Ahh… Babu ah babu ah…’.
Within some time, the pussy accepted defeat from the cock and her ass started supporting the cock.

Started enjoying pushy fucking.
In the next few moments, she had orgasmed once.

I had taken sex pills so I was not going to ejaculate early.

Then I took out my penis, then she came to life.

I removed her panty completely and threw it away.
After that, I put a condom on my penis and again placed it on her pussy and inserted it with full force.

Once again she screamed – Ah mummy… take it out… it is hurting a lot.
Her pussy was very tight but the dick had loosened her pussy.

Now she was supporting me by raising her ass from below.
A lot of blood was also coming out from her pussy.
I was fucking her hard.
I fucked her for a long time.
Then I spilled my semen in the condom.

This time too she had orgasmed twice.
Even after ejaculating, my penis was erect.

I kissed her and made her lie upside down.

Now I placed two pillows under her stomach and her pussy hole became visible.

She kept refusing but I did not agree and started fucking her pussy from behind.
She felt a lot of pain and also enjoyed it.

In this second round, I fucked her at full speed for 30 minutes.

Now she was very tired.
But I liked her ass very much from the beginning, so I started preparing to fuck her.

She started refusing – Not there, it is dirty there. Don’t do it there.
I convinced her that everyone does it and there won’t be much pain.

Then I took the oil bottle and started applying oil on the ass with my finger.
She was saying ‘ahh…ahh…’.

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Then I applied oil on my penis also.
After this, I asked her to become a mare.

When she became a mare, I put my penis on her ass hole from behind.

I slowly started inserting the penis inside the ass.
When the tip of the penis entered, she slipped forward.

I slapped her hard on her ass and grabbed her hair.

Then I again dropped a little more oil on her ass and pushed her.

This time 2 inches of penis went inside the ass.

She started crying – Please leave me… ah oo oo oo mummy please leave me Babu… please.

With full force, I inserted my penis 5 inches into her ass.
She screamed – Ouch mummy it has burst… ah please leave it Babu… Babu ah it is hurting a lot.

I gave another hard push and inserted my entire penis into her ass.
She was crying a lot.

Then slowly I started moving my penis in and out and she started liking it.
I was fucking her ass.

She was saying ‘Ah Baby oh shit ah.’
I put my finger in her pussy and she started enjoying it a lot.

Then I fucked her ass for a long time and after tearing her ass, I also ejaculated in her.
She was very tired.

But my penis was still erect.
I felt like fucking her once more.
When I tried to convince her, she agreed after a lot of drama.

Escorts Athens
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I started sucking her boobs again.
He also started getting excited.

I put a condom on my penis and lay down straight, asking her to come on top.

She spread her legs and slowly started sitting on my penis and as soon as she took the penis, she got back up.

I held her near her ass and placed my penis on her pussy and made her sit firmly.
My entire penis entered her pussy.

He was feeling a little pain.
I was tearing her pussy by lifting her ass from below.

This time he too was enthusiastic. She started jumping vigorously on my penis. ‘Ah… ah… Babu oh ah and like this ah ummah ah.’
Then she ejaculated and after a few minutes, I too ejaculated.

Now he couldn’t even walk away.

From that day onwards she started getting fucked openly by me.
Now she has the Hotre to get her ass fucked before her pussy.

I asked her one day – You used to say that there is dirt in the ass and now you stand up with your ass exposed!
So she started laughing and said – There is an itch in the ass and this itching can be cured only by having the ass fucked.

I also push my pestle into her ass very lovingly.

Friendship with a Escorts Athens girl

Friends, my name is Adam.
For those who don’t know me, let me tell you about myself before telling this juicy story.
I am six feet tall and have an athletic body.
I am 24 years old and the length of my penis is seven inches. Its thickness is also quite good.

My penis is wheatish and the color of my cap is completely pink. My broad chest enhances the beauty of my body because my chest is divided into two parts and women’s pussy gets aroused as soon as they touch it.

This love-filled sex sexy Athens girl’s sex is of a sensual girl named Hina.

Hina is slim in appearance.
The size of her breasts is 32 inches. The waist is 30 and the ass is 34 inches.

Her thin lips and ruddy pink face can bring life to any man’s midsection.
When she walked wearing hijab, it seemed as if the moon was peeping from a room.

This happened six months ago. At that time I received a mail.

Hina- Hi, can we talk now?
Me: Can bumblebees ever refuse to smell flowers?

Hina- Sir, you seem to be in a very poetic mood!
Me: Don’t you like this kind of mood?

Hina- Can we talk on Telegram?
Me- Yes definitely. I have sent the link, come.

The next moment there was a message in my telegram.

Me: So tell me dear… what service can the man do?
Hina- Till now I have lived my life behind the curtains and in worship. Now I want to spend some time feeling all that happens in a couple. Would you like to be a partner?

Me- I have no objection, but you can make anyone yours. Then why is this decision only for me?

Hina- Sir, you have misunderstood, you will have to propose first. Only if I say yes, our train will join the track together.
Me- But why would I do that?

Hina gave three picks and said – maybe this will change your intentions.

I was stunned for a few moments after seeing him. What havoc she was wreaking… as if the raw bud was intoxicating like a bottle of intoxicant.

Me- Where do you live?
Hina- In Athens.

At that time, I had a new job there and I was not able to understand how I would be able to impress her because if a woman would never come out, then how would I meet her?

Me: But how will you come to meet me?
Hina- I stay single here with a room. I am from Gujarat, but there I was busy talking about marriage. So I came here on the pretext of doing a job. I teach English at a university here.

Me: So you never had a boyfriend?
Hina- This is a very emotional thing, which shakes me. I don’t have the answer to this. I am about to get married. My family is looking for a relationship and I don’t want to have to live the same old life again after marriage. Therefore, before going on that journey, I want to live out some of my suppressed desires openly.

I had no idea how I would be able to convince this prisoner.
How will someone who has never wooed such a beautiful girl be able to woo this one?

Me- Should we talk about sex?
Hina- Don’t even think… and if you do not understand what I am saying properly, then after today we will never talk.

Along with this, he sent some angry red-face emojis.

Me: So can we become friends, so that we get more chances to understand each other?
Hina- Hmm… what a wise thing to do now!

From all this conversation, I understood one thing the girl has a wandering mind.
Now we started talking normally.

From the time he woke up to eating and going to study, I started taking care of his everything.

I was finding all this very strange, but also good… because now while he was taking care of me and I was taking care of him, I was getting lost in each other.

But neither I…nor he, were proposing to each other.
Even then, feelings slowly started developing in our conversations.
Fall asleep while watching each other over a video call, then wake up and wake each other up.

But the special thing about waking up was that she always used to wake up by singing songs and I would wake up like a wild animal and start eating her.

The methods of both were different, but the journey was the same.
This phase of love had begun to shatter to such an extent that now on her request, I also started going to the gym.

The one who never used to take his face out of the quilt in the morning now started sweating all over his body.
Till now we used to kiss only on the forehead. Meanwhile, we had thousands of fights, which were probably unnecessary… but also necessary for love.

We started finding each other in each other’s habits.
Now the situation has become such that we have decided that both of us would take two rooms in the same society. That is too different. So that we can understand each other better.

Three months had passed since we had rooms next to each other and we were living like strangers to each other in the society.

But now both of us started making eye contact with each other.
Because our desire to find each other had become even stronger.

Now maybe I started feeling that we should go out somewhere with each other.

One night we were cooking food with the video on, so while talking I asked – Friend, why don’t we go out somewhere?
Hina- The thinking is good, but are the intentions good or are they something else?

Me: It’s our fate…the wish has always been yours.
Hina- By the way, what do you think if I go with you?

Me- Friend, even in friendship, a boy and a girl can go out for a walk, right?
Hina- If the matchstick is lit and the petrol is open, the fire will burn.

Me: And here the whole world is lying burnt… What about it, Mohtarma ji!
Hina- Okay I will think about it.

I got angry at her because whenever I told her something, she always avoided it.

I expressed my anger at him, disconnected the phone, and started eating.
Then there was a sound of knocking on the door… When I opened the gate, Hina was standing at the door of my room in a night dress with a rolling pin.

This was the first time that we were so close to each other.
Otherwise, I thought that my entire life would be spent on this mobile screen.

Mohtarma placed a rolling pin under her chin and asked – After asking whom did you disconnect the phone?
I removed the rolling pin from my hand and put my hand around her waist and turned her around.

He was taken inside the room and the gate was closed.
As soon as she did this, she got even more excited and started hitting my chest with a rolling pin and said humming – How dare you touch me?

Now I made an innocent face and said – The moon has come to the ground today, I couldn’t see it with my eyes, so I touched it and brought it closer.

At that time, both of us were so close that each other’s breaths were matching, but as soon as I moved forward to touch our lips… Madam Ji immediately bent down and opened the gate and ran away.

I just went as red as a TV without a remote.

I closed the door and focused on eating.

The next day we both had leave.
We had to bring room stuff and also buy clothes.

It was decided that she would buy the goods and we would work as porters.

Just went to the mall… took the room stuff from there and went to Chandni Chowk to buy clothes.
My condition had become bad and my penis was swollen and erect.

She knew all this very well, but there was a different kind of satisfaction in making her suffer.

When we both sat together for dinner in a hotel, I was looking here and there.
But she was just looking at me.
That too by staring.

Now I don’t understand what I did wrong.
When I saw it, I stepped on her feet in excitement.

I sat down with my eyes down and we ordered food.
Now this lady was so flirtatious that she took the spoon straight in front of my nose and said – Talk to me with eye contact.

I saw that she was looking so intoxicating that I just felt like pouncing on her and just getting lost in her.

But before I could become romantic, she asked the first question – What do you like the most?
I couldn’t think of anything, I also said in the same tone – my heart.

He immediately removed the spoon and asked – Why is that?
Now he took her hand in his hand and said – Because he likes you.

She turned away again making a face and we started talking normally.

I asked once again – should we go out somewhere?
Hina- Where do you want to go?
Me- Athens or Lonavala!

Hina- Now take me to a quiet place where there is peace.
Me- Okay, then let’s go to the seashore.

We thought of going to Puri.
After that we had our meal peacefully and left from there.

After reaching the room, I packed my things and after setting the room, I went to sleep.

When I saw her in the morning, she was red-faced and full of chats with fifteen missed calls.

Now no matter how much you say sorry to the moody girl, it doesn’t make the slightest difference to her.
The train which had come on the tracks to take us for a ride, also appeared to be cancelled.

It took me four days to convince him.
As soon as the conversation started again, I talked about going again, but her crazy mood had now changed.

This time I also lashed out at him and we had a good argument.
Meanwhile she went home.

Now our journey back to our old life has started again. The day she left, it was as if everything had ended.

That day I forgot everything and messaged one of my readers and fans.
She lived in Athens only.

I asked to meet him.
She immediately agreed and came. She was eager to get fucked by me.

I also fucked her reluctantly and considering her to be Hina, I took out all the anger of my body on her pussy.

We had met many times, but after seeing such great sex, she started complaining about the marks on her body.

But the matter was settled and everything became normal.

Hina had returned to her room but despite being in front of us, there was no conversation between us.

Meanwhile, it was my birthday after twenty days.
It seemed like a long time since I talked to her even for a day, but it was about self-respect… so neither of us were messaging anyone.

Three days before the birthday, an envelope was found under the door.
When I came from the office, I picked it up, freshened up and opened the envelope. There were two tickets to Lonavala and a letter in it.

It was written in it – Ready for surprise… take seven days leave from office.
Below, the eyes were made of kajal and there were marks of her lipstick lips on them.

It was as if there was heaven in that letter.
Keeping it in my heart, I made a video call to her, thanked her for all this, hugged the envelope with the pillow and went to sleep.

The next morning I went to the office and took leave.
Now both of us left together and reached Pune by air at 7 o’clock, then took a bus from there to Lonavala.

There Mohtarma had booked only one room, seeing which my eyes widened in tears.
We both freshened up in this hotel room.

I took her to the lake shore in the evening.
There I spread a mat and brought a cup which contained wax.

He lit it and bowed before her and made a ring out of a leaf and placed it in front of her and said – I love you.

She remained quiet for a while and started crying.
Then she slapped me and hugged me.
She kissed my neck like crazy and kept saying ‘I love you too’.

He peeled my entire neck in five minutes.
Then she wore that ring in her hand.

I took her in my lap and as soon as I pressed her lips to mine, she extinguished the wax in the cup by rubbing it with both her fingers.
At the same time she said in a trembling voice – Take me into you today.

We both kept sucking each other’s tongue like crazy.
After about twenty minutes we regained consciousness and again walked around there hand in hand till eleven o’clock.

Then when we came into the room he asked me to go out of the room.

The gate of the room was now closed, so I thought why not take the air from outside.
Because he couldn’t argue with a crazy girl.

Don’t know what she will do when; This can only be estimated.
I didn’t want to spoil my weather by coming so far.

Calmly I suppressed my desires and came out.
But now the excitement of fucking Hina had become so much that the veins of the penis had swelled and were feeling quite hard.

Now here I introduce the readers to Hina’s body.

It was as white as milk mixed with turmeric and was so light that if it was pressed hard, it would turn red at that place.
Her lips were like the lips of a thin pussy.

The pussy lips were also like those of a sealed new girl. Absolutely glued to each other.
Even if you pour a drop of water on his waist, it will flow down without any obstruction.

Her breasts were 30 years old, but they were erect, plump, raised upwards… and on top of them were pointed nipples like pink strawberries.
There was a space between the breasts in which a penis could be stuck and pacified.

Her ass was completely raised and her hole was of brown color, which was spreading its color till the crack of her pussy.
After coming out of the room, I looked at my phone and found many mails, out of which I replied to some and started passing the time.

But my mind was going towards sex again and again.
I ordered a cold drink from a waiter passing by and started enjoying the cool breeze while drinking it.

After some time, Hina’s call came on my phone.
He said- Come out of the room.

I ran at the speed of a horse and went in front of the room and saw as if an angel had come down from heaven.
He was wearing red Santa Claus clothes and had a red cap on his head.

She brought a black bandage in her hand to tie around my eyes.
I also didn’t say anything and he blindfolded me.
Then she walked ahead holding my hand.
I started moving backwards.

When I went inside, I heard the gate closing and a very slow song started playing.

Today I fell in love with you again
Many and countless have come.

He expressed his love by clinging to my arms and placing his lips near my ear.
‘I love you so much… I wish I could choose only you.’

Then I felt even more darkness. Now she raised both my hands and tied them to the curtain rod behind me and started kissing my thighs.

Here now my misconception started getting cleared that it doesn’t seem I will be able to fuck her.
Maybe now she will fuck me.

Now my ass was really beginning to burst, fearing that the same fire with which I was trying to quench my thirst might engulf me.

Then I felt a hot fire near my penis and I started feeling tickled.
With her hot breath I felt her pulling my underwear with her teeth.

My penis was beginning to hold its shape.
As soon as his head went under the cap, his penis jumped out.

But my condition was becoming like that of a thirsty person longing for water.

I started asking her – please open it.
At the same time, I spread my legs and tightened my ass and started stretching my penis out.

She caught hold of my penis and it felt like inserting it into a soft place like velvet.
After that it felt a little tight.

She pulled the penis down with force, then placed her tongue on the tip.

I went crazy and felt as if I would die.
My breathing became very fast and I started sweating.

This girl made me scream…the bitch sank her teeth into my skull.
Then he removed my bandage.

Wished me happy birthday and played the birthday song.
When I saw, it was a cake which she had stuck to my penis.

That soft thing was a cake, in which my penis was inserted.

She cut one more piece from my penis and filled it in her mouth and put it in my mouth.
Now I started sucking her tongue along with the cake and started fluttering like a fish.

I started pleading her to please open it.
But she was just suffering.
I was drenched in sweat, but she was liking this.

Now she would apply the piece of cake sometimes on her chest, sometimes on her nose, sometimes on her ears, sometimes on her lips… sometimes below the navel, sometimes on the penis… she would suck it at different places and put her teeth wherever she wanted.

Now I was starting to get angry.
I screamed and said – Whore, open it once… then see how I make Chittorgarh of your pussy.

She slapped my penis and said – Ah my Johnny is in great pain. You tormented scoundrel…this is your punishment today. If I haven’t tormented you all night, my name is not Hina.
I clenched my teeth and tried to jump on it, then the curtain rod came down, but my hands were still tied.

I told her – Look Chuddo, open your hands… otherwise the mother of the hotel stuff will get fucked.

But he had a different intoxication.
He ignored my point.

Now she started twirling and blowing her frock and was tormenting me by licking her pussy.
I was trying my best that once I got hold of any of its items, I would squeeze it and keep it.

But the fucking was very fast.

Then I deliberately lay down and started taking out the rod from the wall and after a few moments of struggle I succeeded.

Now the atmosphere became such that love songs were playing in the background and the beloved was trapped in my hands.

In a display of wildness, I first took off her cap and threw it away and grabbed the baby nightie from her breasts and tore it.
Holding it to his lips, he squeezed her breasts against his chest.

While moving his hand on her waist, he started massaging her ass from behind.
Now she started moving up and down supporting me with the sound of ‘Umm Ummm Ahhh.’

Then I picked her up on my paws and took her in my lap and threw her on the cake.
Her ass had become completely cakey. Next, the entire cake was applied to the pussy. There were splashes up to his stomach.

She was moaning in pain, but I was refusing to leave her lips.
I was still sitting pressing her lips.

She was now beginning to hesitate.
Then I picked her up, took her on my shoulder and started eating the cake from her pussy over her panty.

She sat on top and started pulling my hair.
The more forcefully she scratched, the more forcefully I would sink my teeth into her pussy.

Now I had to lick her pussy, so I gestured to her to tear her panty with her hands.
She started refusing.

But when I started insisting, she raised her pussy near my mouth.
As soon as I stuck my teeth in her panty, the net fabric of her panty got torn with a chirping sound.

She raised her ass and started stretching it and a hole was formed at the mouth of the pussy from the front.
I started making movements with my rough tongue in that hole.
Started moving his tongue from her navel to her clit.

As soon as she closed her eyes and started enjoying it, I took her pink pussy lips in my mouth and squeezed them and filled them with air.
She became uncontrollable due to such an attack and that bitch squeezed my neck with her thighs so hard that my breathing became heavy.

At the same time, her scream also came out so loudly as if she didn’t know what had happened.
He himself stopped his scream by placing his hand on his mouth, otherwise it would not have taken time for a ruckus to happen.

Then when I took her down, the cake stuck in her ass was all over my chest.

Now she was licking the cake from my chest and I was kissing her on the forehead and murmuring words of love.

When she cleaned her entire chest, I hugged her closer and pulled the hook of her bra and broke it. Took off her bra from her throbbing breasts.
She herself removed her torn panty.

I cleaned all the cake from her bra from her ass to her pussy and threw her on the bed.

I started sucking her from her feet.
I fucked her completely from the toes of her white feet to her thighs and she kept rolling all over the bed, moaning.

When I reached the mouth of her pussy while sucking, I saw that she was full and had wet the entire sheet.

I looked into her eyes and asked – What’s the matter… why are you releasing this stream of love juice in the bed? Our efforts for this have been going on for so long!
Hina- Friend, I am completely exhausted and dry from inside. Now quickly put your penis inside otherwise I will die. There is a fire inside me and because of that fire, ants are crawling in my pussy.

But just as I had suffered in the beginning, now I was taking revenge for the same.
While running my tongue in her pussy, I had made many marks from her entire thighs to her pussy.

Now she started taking long breaths.
I understood that now is the right time.

I took her off the bed and made her lie down in a running pose. He placed one leg forward and one leg back and set her up for sex.
Now I went down and held her waist, took one breast in my hand and started caressing her pussy.

She would take the glans of my penis inside slightly and move forward due to its thickness.
I knew she would run away at the first shock.
That’s why I made her stand in this pose and first held her, then slightly pressed her ass downwards and made my penis land in her pussy.

Half of the penis along with its head had entered the vagina and my hand was placed on her mouth.
As soon as the penis entered, I felt as if I had found heaven, but its condition was bad.

When she moaned, I took the penis back a little and with a forceful attack, I completely tore her tight pussy.

As soon as the penis went inside, I fell on her waist and remained like that for about a minute.
When I stood up, she also stood up along with me.

When I looked into his eyes I felt pity.
There were tears in her eyes and they were red.
Her face was completely flushed and she was clinging to my chest.

Due to this action of hers, my penis came out of her pussy and with that a line of blood started flowing on her thighs.

She turned towards me and asked – Will you always support me?
I became so emotional that I could do anything for her.

I hugged her to my chest, stroked her hair and nodded my approval to her.

For the first time, I realized that even a crazy girl can give so much love.
As soon as she agreed, she stuck to me.

I started sucking her again and laid her back on the bed; After cleaning her pussy with the end of the sheet, spit was applied again.
Before she could understand anything, I inserted my dick again and in 4-5 strokes I took it down to the root.

She screamed but I was prepared for every situation, so everything went well.
After some time, I placed her legs on my shoulders and started moving my penis back and forth in her pussy with fun.

After the next few minutes, she also started answering my every stroke by raising her ass with her moaning sound of ‘Aaahh…’.
After about 30-40 strokes, I slowed down a bit and she jumped up, threw me down and started jumping on my penis.

Now she too must have taken so many shocks that she too started getting loose.
I picked her up, pressed her against the wall, tied her around my waist and started to jerk her vigorously.

After some ten minutes of pushing, both of us released the juice of churning the ocean together.
I threw her on the bed and fell on her.

She was loving me very much. She was thanking me by running her hand through my hair.
Both of us remained lying like this, drenched in sweat, for half an hour.

Then we both took bath together and ate food.
After that night it seemed as if our lives had changed. Both of us roamed there for 6 days and were so absorbed in each other that now we did not even care if anyone said anything to us.

We both used to have sex 8-10 times a day and always enjoyed it in different poses.
Meanwhile, I had also opened the ring of her ass. Now she started getting both her holes drilled with pleasure.

We both did a lot of shopping and came back to Athens.
One day after coming, I did not wake up for 24 hours. We had kept snacks and pastries nearby, so we slept the whole day and when we woke up, we had breakfast and went back to sleep.

After that day we both started living like husband and wife. Cooking together. Fighting over small things and fucking over everything.
Sleeping together and taking care of each other’s every need had become a part of our life.

Then the day had come when we had to separate from each other.
Although it was not easy for both of us, but pain is found on the way… Lovers can never make each other’s life.

Now we meet only as good friends. Even after getting married, she respects me as much as she did then and so do I.

After fucking this sexy passing girl, I would like to ask a question to all of you that why the person we love the most is not a part of our life, he just comes and goes.
What do you think, please let me know.

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